Curriculum Information

At Woodcote Primary School we follow a Creative Curriculum in order to inspire our children. This means that rather than teaching individual subjects, wherever possible subjects are linked together in topics. We teach all National Curriculum statutory subjects – English, Maths, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, PE, Music and  Religious Education. In addition we teach Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) and French throughout the school. Children are given opportunities to be creative and develop all areas of the curriculum.

Please click here to see what topic the children will be learning about in each year group.

 In the Foundation Stage and in Key Stage 1 (years 1 & 2) the children are taught phonics every day. The teachers follow the Letters and Sounds programme and supplement this with the Phonics Play computer programme. In Key Stage 2 (years, 3, 4, 5 & 6) the children who continue to need additional phonics practice receive an additional support and phonics sessions. Throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 the children are taught spelling, punctuation and grammar daily. The children learn to read through following the Oxford Reading Tree and Big Cat Phonics reading schemes. We also use ‘real books’ to give the children a wider range of reading books. Woodcote subscribe to Creative Learning Services and the books that we have on loan are now refreshed annually. If you have any time that you could give to help with our library, we would be very grateful.    

We teach ICT skills with the aid of computers in the ICT suite and iPads; we have also recently purchased a second set of laptops which the children  use in their classrooms. In order to further develop the children’s knowledge of computing, we now use ‘Purple Mash’ to teach computing across the whole school. Children (and parents) can also access this at home, and every child has a user name and password. Please ask your child’s teacher for more details.

PE is taught each week by our class teachers, and as part of our involvement in the North West Leicestershire School Sports Partnership, we also have fully trained coaches who work alongside our teachers providing extra training. All classes across the school will have the benefit of a trained coach for at least half a term during the year. The coach also carries our extra curricular sporting clubs which the children are given the opportunity to attend. Being part of the Partnership also gives our children the opportunity to take part in a variety of competitions and festivals. We fund our membership through the additional funds that the Government made available to improve the provision of PE and Sports in Primary Schools. The funding received is £8000 plus £5 per pupil. Please click on the following links to read about how we are allocating the funding this year: Sports Funding 2015-2016 

This year we were awarded the Silver Schools Mark for School Games which reflects the hard work that the children and adults put into our PE and extra curricular activities.

During the last academic year, through NWLSSP support, our school completed the following:

Competition Level 2 School Games Competitions Entered

Total Pupil Attendances at Competitions




Coaching Supported

Play Coach

Bronze Ambassadors



Curriculum Sessions – Total number of Attendances

Extra-Curricular  – Total number of Children

Zumba Coaching  – Total number of children that  received Zumba coaching

Number of Coaching Hours

Number of Zumba Hours

Total Number of Coaching Hours







Teacher Professional Development ·         Positive Play – 2 members of staff

·         Planning in PE – 1 member of staff

·         Tri Golf – 2 members of staff

·         Gymnastics – 2 members of staff

Additional Support Christmas Festival – 30 pupils from KS1 attended a Christmas Festival, which consisted of a Christmas story linked with basic movements and games.

Alternative Sports – 32 pupils from Year 3/4 took part in a Flag Football session. This session targeted those who were less active or who had not represented the school at a Level 2 competition before.

Health Roadshow – 19 pupils from Year 2 attended a Health Roadshow. The roadshow promotes healthy lifestyle messages, whilst educating the children about diet and the importance of being physically active. Key messages included; knowledge of different types of foods, food groups and how much of each one they should have in order to eat a balanced diet. 

Higher Attaining Pupils Day – 2 of your higher attaining pupils in PE attended a very special careers day in June at Loughborough College. Your students attended various workshops giving them an insight into different careers in sport, including; a day in the life of an elite athlete, sports science and sports coaching.

Each term every class sends out a Curriculum Fact Sheet, giving an overview on the term ahead.  If you have any further questions about what your child is learning or i
f you have a skill or interest that you feel will enhance the children’s learning about a topic, please do not hesitate to talk to you child’s class teacher.

Please follow the links below for the latest Curriculum Information Fact Sheets:

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