Working Together

We believe in working in partnership with our parents and carers. By working together we are giving the children the best opportunities to succeed. We will always listen carefully to feedback, taking on board suggestions and comments. A Parent Forum is held at least once per term. We always welcome ideas to discuss at the meetings and publish the meeting notes on the website  

Parents’ Evenings are held termly, as well as workshops to help parents and carers support their children at home. During the year we hold parent workshops, where we can give you ideas on how to support your child’s learning. Workshops held last year include: early literacy and numeracy workshop, and the teaching of Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar and Calculations across the school. Last term we held a workshops about the new assessment system, homework help and early English and Maths workshop.

If you do have any other ideas for workshops that you would find useful, please let us know.