This year we have 7 classes across the school. They are organised as follows:

Ash Class – Foundation Stage

Class teacher: Mrs Palumbo

Supported by: Mrs Barnett and Mrs Sirrell.


Pine Class – Year 1

Class teacher: Miss Powell

Supported by: Miss Foster


Hawthorn Class – Year 2

Class teacher: Miss Stallibrass

Supported by: Miss Dennis, Mrs Statham, Miss Barnett


Oak Class – Year 3 

Class teacher: Mrs Ramsell & Mrs Oselton

Supported by:  Mrs Smithson


Birch Class – Year 4

Class teacher: Mr Fuller and Mrs Poultney

Supported by: Mrs Uzzell


Rowan Class – Year 5

Class teacher: Miss Tymon

Supported by: Mrs Prosser


Willow Class – Year 6

Class teacher: Mrs Molotnikoff

Supported by: Mrs Canner


Mrs Adcock will also be supporting the children across the school